Wisdom in Sufficient Living, despite our challenges

     This is a new chapter on the blog, as I foray into what the Lord has called me to do. The premise for this is to share the message of Jesus Christ, and in such an ever-growing digital age, what better way to do so, than through this.

      Wisdom can lead to abundance [sufficient living<get that?>] despite our daily struggles in life. I’ll break it down.

  • Wisdom: we all know that this is the application of quality knowledge and sensible judgement in a probable difficult situation. We know that pride often deride us of wisdom and likewise intelligence doesn’t necessarily equate to wisdom. Now that we get the summary of what wisdom entails, the question now is, how do we plan towards the future engaging with the wisdom of the Lord. The Book of Proverbs is perhaps the greatest and ageless book ever written to help us plan our future wisely. The bible tells us to build store houses to accommodate for future difficulties; some people perceive that as having a lack of faith, that’s very wrong take on it, the book of Genesis tells us that Joseph planned for the 7 years of barrenness in Egypt, by building store houses. Proverbs 24:30-31, shows us that without proper planning in line with the word of God as well as diligent hardworks, our walls will come crashing down, in regards to the area of finance, relationships, our spiritual life et Al. Reading and meditating on the word of God plays a very crucial and vital role in our wisdom. There’s a wisdom in asking and enquiring about things before taking steps towards it. A diligent planner guided by the words of God will find favour in His sights. Proverbs 22:29.
  • Abundance:  is having a large quantity of something. A woman wins a $107 million lottery, she’s got an abundance of cash. The mistake we all sometimes easily make is associating the blessing of God with abundance. Sometimes subtle, we give in expectant of something greater, is that really a sincere giving? We could be blinded and perhaps often equate God’s blessings to just financial gains, disregarding our good health, balanced family life, amazing kids etc. Even if we are unaware of our blessings, we should be willing to give graciously; just like the woman in 1 kings 17, who gave the prophet Elijah her last morsel of bread and oil, yet she and her son continued eating without lack, as the Almighty God replenished her jar. The bible tells us that we should flee away from vanities and lies, pray for the right amount of resources sufficient and convenient enough, to prevent us from moving further away from the Lord. If we had everything we ever needed, would we rely on God? Proverbs 30:8. The love and abundance of money often leads many to the temptation and snares of foolish lust.
  • The challenges of life: This was never meant to be easy. Our struggles are real, as we all go through different challenges. So often we build up a facade to mask the inward pains and struggles. We are all in such state in different areas of our lives. The feeling of inadequacy, both in our physical and spiritual life. Trust me, I’m there. But God knows our pain, he cares about it and wants to forge us into something new. Jesus Christ came down as a man, was beaten and bruise, thorns on his head and was ultimately crucified, by being nailed to the cross. How much more difficult can it get. Don’t ever think that God has forsaken you in trouble times. The devil is a conniving liar and tells us that we are no good and useless. Never accept his lies but rebuke them by pleading the blood of Jesus over such. Coming boldly to the throne of grace with sincerity and honesty without any pride, should be our response to the pain. Our prayers should be “God this is my problem, its beating me down please help me Lord. Appropriate kind of help at the right time. Transformation of things. Wisdom to apply certain things. God deliver us or give us the strength to go through this.” 

     There you go folks, that’s my lesson for the week. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. God bless and have a great week. 

    PS. I left my wallet on the bus as I was writing this in London bridge of all places for literally 10 minutes, had to run all the way to the bus depot ducking and diving through the Marsh mallow crowd. Got there and the bus driver had it, how amazing is that, despite the numbers of people on the bus, no one picked it up but the driver. God is great. 




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