Blunt Synopsis – Informal Discourse

“Why am I failing this bad?”

“This pain is unbearable, can’t take it any more”

“I curse the day I took that decision, I don’t think I can ever forgive myself”

“The love for myself is no longer there, much less the love for others”

“If God really loves me, why am I struggling like this?”

“This month can’t get any worse, surely?”

   It convicts, chokes and wrestles with us, releasing an emotional chain reaction: disgust, dispair, unbalance, anger, hatred, malice… You know where I’m going with this. We can’t help it sometimes; as we encounter different scenarios, it reignites within us the trauma or fear of the past or present. But should that be the case?

   Where’s that fiery zeal

   Where’s that never-say-die spirit, you once had! What? It just evaporated like that? poof…like a powered dust? Or is it just repressed underneath those spiky hurricanes, that seems to overpower you, whenever it comes?

   Where’s your fire? That Elijah fire… the unyielding one

  • the fire filled with the gusto of God’s empowering grace
  • the fire that makes you roar like a lion in the face of adversity
  • the fire that ignites in you, the desire to seek God’s face in trouble times
  • the fire of “Jesus’ got this” written all over it
  • the fire where it fumes alone burns the very essence of Satan’s lies.

   You’re not a wimp, you know you ain’t; withstand the ridiculous words that are spoken, just to pull you down. You’re better than that, rise above it.

  • Even when life slaps you with its hellboy’s hand, you straighten up – #refocus
  • What?! You think your Almighty father just laxes around, giggling, watching you fall, while the enemy plays ping-pong with your life?

   We’ve all fallen, myself, you, everyone else… fallen and rose again and yet we find ourselves under the rubbles of familiar pressures and new ones… You see, that right there, should be seen as a mustard seed; maturity at its infancy. Are you gonna fill that seed with the water of life (God’s word) or you just gonna watch it perish.

   Where’s your resolve? I thought Jesus said, we are all overcomers, those who believe in him. A clamp on your ankles, and His word holds no meaning anymore? Is your faith that weak? I thought not…

   James 1:12 “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord had promised to those who love Him.”

   Forbearance – have you got that? I know it’s back-breaking at the worst of times, you feel like slapping the living daylight out of anyone who causes and stokes on more pain; they haven’t got a clue what you’re going through and they come judging with that smug-looking countenance. “Jeez why can’t I just vent out all my anger? I’ll feel better” really? You think so?

   Proverbs 17:27 “The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint and whoever had understanding is even tempered.”

   Why give up now, where’s that hunger to revive like a phoenix from the ashes and rise above the clouds. You think God created the day and night for nothing? Do you wake and sleep in darkness everyday? The sun is never out, only the moon and stars reign?

   A tunnel without an end, have you ever seen that? You bang your head on the wall sometimes, so what – it’s bound to happen, how else would you get more tenacious – without the fear of man? Just the fear of God. You prick your feet on rocky stones, trip over, fall flat on your face… You just gonna lay there? When your God has filled you with the strength to go on. Are you gonna cry over that spilled milk? When beside you is the hot chocolate, waiting for you to grasp it and revive that dying spirit – only through faith can we see that.

   I’ll be forever grateful that I came across The Potters House Christian Church, the collection of people you’ve got around you, either boosts your spirit or kills it; be it in the family or church or friends or wherever; a dying and criticising spirit would always diminish your vigour.

   Surround yourself with like-minded brothers and sisters, one in Christ, watch how they help water those dry leaves; springing forth from it, the fruits God has planted within you already. Life isn’t filled with roses, disappointments will arise, even from those we trust or trusted; but if you bare grudges, then where’s that true Love Jesus spoke about.

   Time is vintage, grasp the reality of the present darkness and pierce through that, seek the Lord’s face as you do, reference Him. His reign is everlasting.






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