Stepping out the cave

Apologising to the ardent readers and connoisseurs of perfect English structure, this is a move away from my standard approach and structure. It’s a scatter-gun approach. Pick out the grains.

What’s a cave? If you should answer that, without googling, it’ll probably go like this:

“A place of privacy, where the world seems distant – a condensed bowl of swirling emotions and thoughts.” Perhaps what races through your mind, is an image of “darkness and solitude,” a  confinement of some sort.

How does that apply to you and I

Here goes: the cave is where there ought to be a transformation, a renewal of the mind, a refocus, a realignment with God’s will. A miniscule pause in a relatively live-long journey. What would it say about you and I, if that’s where we completely give up on the calling of God in marriage or careers or finances or relationships or the ministry et al.

Joseph didn’t give up on the destiny God had in store for him, despite not perceiving what the future held, and the insurmountable challenges – his very own brothers hated him to the point of slavery – at that very instance, some of us might have just given up, but no not Joseph, “my God isn’t one that gives me up, without a better outcome,” must have been his thought process. Dusting a bit of stain off his ego and experience, he found himself in Potiphar’s house, becoming head over the household and second to Potiphar. He could be forgiven to think, that was it – height of his achievements – but then another catastrophe happened. He got thrown into prison, after rejecting the advances of Potiphar’s wife, which resulted in her lying against him.

The second setback

What’s a brother got to do, to just float without drowning. Whilst in prison, his ethics shorn through. He became in charge of the prisoners interspersed with. He probably sensed his lucky break, as he interpreted dreams for both Pharaoh’s butler and baker unerringly, then making it known to the former to remember him, when he gets to the palace. But like most humans, the butler – forgot. And Joseph remained within the prison walls, a familiar abode.

Despite his helplessness, the bible tells us “but the Lord’s presence was with him.”

Lessons to grip

Joseph, learnt a crucial lesson whilst within his personal cave, on that boat swaying furiously to the sea wind of life -God was with him. And he had to fully surrender his will, works and flesh would fail him. Almighty God had to be in charge- Along the way of his journey, he learnt perseverance, reliance and trusting on God, humility, love etc. Things we could easily dismiss when we find ourselves on the edge of a rocking boat, out in the midst of a roaring sea.

How many setbacks did he have? 3? But what does that number mean? –nothing–  it’s just a number. Christ used that reference when He spoke about forgiving others 70×7 times. It’s not the number of times, but the essence of the proceeding aftermath.

Given the title “boat potatoes”, you might be left wondering; what on earth that illustration meant? Imagine this – a potato, stuck on a boat… Yeah… It does nothing, literally nothing, whether within the calm of the sea or in the midst of a storm – its that simple.

Are you a boat potato? Within the storms of life, do you give up trying or step out the boat like Peter did. Isn’t it wonderful that the cave/tomb was where Christ resurrected Lazarus from. God resurrect dead things within a cave, but we have to first take the initiative to step out the boat. In the garden of Gethsemane, Christ chose to step out the boat of the grave burden that rested upon Him; rather than dwelling within the caved feeling of dread, He prayed for the Father’s willto be fine and not His. Matthew 14:31.

God is building within you and I, a renewed vigour and character. The length of an article, wouldn’t express enough, the current predicaments and status in life, we currently find ourselves in, but there’s one thing I believe, and that’s, there’s a light fast approaching.

Patience is crucial – Dead bones are rising.



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