Fortified Walls

In the 7th century, varied indigenous sects fortified their cities, by building up solid brick walls, to prevent attacks from any warring factions. These scattered walls would later on, in the proceeding centuries be merged; and it became known as the great wall of China. The initial reason for creating that, was to prevent enemies, looting hard earned valuables, from the villages. The antithetical of that, was the Berlin wall; built according to the official purpose, of preventing Western “fascists” from entering the East. The primary purpose though, was to curb mass defection to the West, due to the Eastern communist regime. Thus, the freedom to move to the West for shopping, or the movies, or theatres, or work, were curtailed for Eastern Germans. A wall seen by the East Germans, as a stumbling block, an impediment to progress.

The correlation between those two facts stated above and our Christian walk is salient. Along the way, life takes it toll, we come across stumbling blocks, immoveable walls et al. Some build up walls to protect their spiritual life; others, out of fear due to past mistakes, hurts and pressure. Some other walls are already there, like a Jericho.

What do we know about them? Well…

  • Spiritual wall: this is one, we build up ourselves to keep us within the parameters of God’s word. It’s a barrier against the pollution of a worldly society. Guarding our faith against immoral sin, hence growing from babes into a matured adult in Christ, and in doing so, becoming unmoved by the wind or any false doctrine. This is the the spiritual process of the ongoing work of God’s purification in us. Like the Israelites in Nehemiah, God wants us to build up walls to protect the city of His holy temple from the enemy’s attack. Apostle Paul referred to it as “the whole armour of God.” Ephesians 6:11-12 ” put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Due to our involvement in spiritual warfare, it’s critical that our spiritual walls are firm. The stability of our testimony depends on it.
  • The fearful walls: one way or the other, we’ve all come across  apprehensive situations that accelerates petrification and friction. Or an area of your life turns sour and disappointment sets in. For instance, failed attempt at a career, fruitless end to a relationship, negative outcome in a ministry et al. There are countless others as well. What we often do, in the midst of such events, is that our carnal mind and heart perniciously build up walls that aren’t beneficial to anyone. It leads to a life of God’s blessings been missed out, without realising. How do you expect to grow, when you’re caged within your own walls. This prevents us from reaching the promised land; if not dealt with, over time we become trapped within our own prison of bitterness, fear, anger etc. Only through faith and absolute surrender to God, can we break through that. 
  • Walls of Jericho: referring back to the Berlin wall; this caught the citizens unaware, there were protests and anger against, what most saw as a lock on freedom. Almost 5000 attempted to escape and 136 – 200 were killed. The wall became a symbol of the cold war, this was built by the communist repressive regime of the soviets in Eastern Germany. A stumbling block towards freedom, a wall not built by the victims. Like the children of Israel, a massive dent, in the bid to attain milk and honey. The same can be said of us, there are walls that have been built up by the enemy to derail the match towards God’s glorious land. We know of how Satan dealt with Job and stripped him off God’s blessings; note: allowed by God, to test Job’s faith. Before the Israelites, conquered Jericho, they marched round 7 times; makes you think, why not once? Isn’t God able enough to bring it down in one march? They obeyed the instructions and the wall came crashing down. What Jericho walls are you encountering? Financial black hole? Career dizzy maze? Ask yourself this, why pray at all, of God remained silent after, you said a few prayers, there’s a time for everything. James 1:3 “knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.” One thing is certain, Jericho walls need confronting – lust? greed? bitterness? And God Almighty’s words, must be heeded.

Remember this, we’re in a fleeting life, living in a temporary plain with ephemeral  materialistic assets. In realisation of this, even death has no power over us.

Build up spiritual walls, and despite obstructive walls, keep in mind, that God our rock, hasn’t all of a sudden become a pebble.



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