A Lighthouse or a Darkroom: how’s your worklife

   In a world filled with secular views and voracious peculiar ideologies where survival of the fittest is often the norm, it’s little wonder why some Christians struggle at their place of work. Even though Christ has called us to be light to the world; in an environment where profane conversations seem to thrive and causes disconcert, our faith is placed under duress with an hard time fitting in. But like Jesus eating with the sinners in the bible, we can adapt to that environment, without compromising, by just going along with the flow. 

   It’s difficult sometimes, but we should strive to make it a grace-filled environment through the actions and attitudes we portray towards our work and colleagues. What I realised while working with a few atheists, is that, our disposition is very much scrutinised, whether we like it or not; and almost certainly, majority of them were either Christians or had something to do with religion in the past, but due to bad experiences, renounced their believes. A man I’d worked with previously, once attended a catholic school and was brought up a christian; while speaking to him, he gave me the understanding that all the hypocrisies he witnessed, made him question what sort of faith christianity really was, it became all to phoney and  pseudo righteous to him. We ought to lead by Jesus’s examples.

   Every conversation we partake in are perpetual elements in establishing our faith; there’s a tendency, “in order to fit into a clique” to sometimes engage in unwholesome chit-chat that’s non-benefiting to our beliefs, i.e lusting after the opposite sex, we shouldn’t fall for that. Though our difference in the midst of profane discussions, could be taxing and exhausting, it’s what God has called us to do. We play a crucial role in establishing the word of God as we embody Christ as individuals. Hence why we need to be intimately connected to God through prayers and seek wisdom and strength during tempting times.

   In a place where different  personalities all converge and conflict, permeating out of our daily actions, should be the  comprehension that God’s work is carried out through our activities and sacrifices.

  • Allow your work to build you up, not tear you down.
  • Adapt and be the light within that environment.
  • Never project a plastic and unapproachable image, that makes you seem almost too perfect.
  • Be willing to accept that for standing up to your faith, there’ll be hurtful jokes and callous remarks hurled at you and Jesus Christ, our reaction sets the precipice.
  • Do not let resentment build, be willing to forgive and forget.
  • Exercise wisdom, there’s a time for everything, if you’ve spoken to someone about Christ and the message is rejected, rather than continually banging your head against a brick wall with incessant pontification, dust first your feet and move on. When the holy spirit moves, those who are willing to listen will come your way, to seek and know more about your faith in Christ.

   Our convictions for Christ, would be tested and probed in different scenarios; what would be your stance in a case where, you either compromise your faith and hang onto your job or hanging onto your faith and losing your jobs? With the bills stacking up, is your faith and belief strong enough to withstand the pressure of compromising? “Gary McFarlane, a Bristol marriage counsellor was sacked because his employer who was suspicious (because) of his open christianity, learned that he had privately expressed his reluctance to give “sex therapy” to  homosexual couples.” Can our answers to questions be honest, straightforward and truthful anchoring to the bible, without been watered down? Due to feared of losing or jobs?.

   C Peter Wagner, author of (The church in the workplace: How God’s people can transform society) says, “Christians need to have a vision, what they do in the workplace is paramount to bringing the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.” Our work quality should be different and reflect Christ-likeness. Douglas Sherman and William Hendricks wrote in their book (Your work matters to God) “The key to bringing the culture and the church back together, to renewing the workplace and reforming the church, – may well be a movement of people who are known for their hard work, for the excellence of their efforts, for their honesty and unswerving integrity, for their concern for the rights and welfare of people, for the quality of goods and services produced, for their leadership among co-workers, in short for their Christ-likeness on and off the job. What could an army of such workers accomplish?”

   Through our works, we can serve God, pay our tithes and put food on our table, hence we should:

  • Be diligent
  • Be genuine with our motives and actions.
  • Be righteous with no deception and prejudice.

   Proverbs 22:29 – “Do you see a man skilful in his work, he will stand before kings, he will not stand before obscure men.”






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