On the Precipice of a Trump’s Triumph

         Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past few months or so, you must have certainly come across or stumbled upon the Trump mania that has utterly gripped both the US and the outside world. Would this self-imposed America saviour really win the 2016 Grand Old Party (Republican) Primary Presidential election? Does his supporters genuinely understand his policies? Either way, here is a man who is standing on the periphery of an unfathomable GOP Primary election win, despite what looked like just a publicity stunt when he announced his resolute aspiration to partake in it.

          Donald John Trump, Sr. The multi-billionaire business magnate “President of USA 2016,” what’s to count against that. The man who has vowed to “make America great again,” seems to be defiling the odds and storming to the top of the Primary polls, despite his much maligned and controversial comments.

GOP Primary Polls
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          Regularly, he churns out chauvinistic rhetoric mixed with contentious remarks. He once said of John McCain, an ex Republican Presidential nominee and a POW in Vietnam, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured…”
The property tycoon has also in the past slagged of Mexican immigrants as “murderers” and “rapists” claiming he would “build a great wall” to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering into the states. His bravado has often been laced with xenophobic remarks and in spite of intense opposition, sticks to his tendentious dogma. Tapping into the hearts of a size-able portion of Americans, Trump appears to be more of a demagogue, than a rational thinking politician. His extreme remarks, has helped fuel his strength and is a central appeal feature to his supporters.

          Most recently, he called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims immigration to the US. That comment caused a global outrage, that even in the UK, there was a petition with more than 370,000 signatures according to the BBC, calling for his ban into the UK. There were also protests across the US in Olympia, Washington; Montpelier, Vermont et al. Yet his popularity has only increased and doesn’t seem curtailed by what he says.

          Would he be genuinely great for Americans, if perchance he does the unthinkable and wins the Presidential election in 2016? With no apparent irony, he once said, “one of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into government.” I’m pretty sure Americans would be hoping someone good does get into the White House, come next November; and not one who hurls abuse and xenophobic derisive remarks.

          According to the polls, it does look like Trump would be the GOP Presidential nominee to take on Democratic pace-setter Hillary Clinton in 2016, which according to experts would make it more difficult for the Republican to win the general election. Republican congressman Carlos Curbelo of Florida called Trump “a phantom candidate recruited by the left to create this entire political circus.” Also Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, who has borne a few of Trump’s tirade, seem to think that he is an agent of the Democrats, saying “maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy Clinton,” later tweeting “continuing this part would put her in the white house. Some say, he risk turning the GOP into a party associated with the “extreme”. His use of ridiculous remarks and fear tactics, has seen him drawn in parallel to Mussolini.

         Despite his negative media headlines, Trump’s present sustained support looks resolute. According to the co-founder of RedPrint strategy, Philips, Trump has “proven the ‘experts’ wrong up to his point.” His unending support appears to gone global as well. The Russian leader Putin reportedly declared Trump as the “absolute leader of the race.” “He is a very lively man, talented without doubt.” Taking the unusual step of commenting on the election process of a big player adversary, is the former KGB agent, just baiting the ever egotistical Trump, into an unwitting helper, if he does get into power? who knows.   

          The most prevalent view of Republican experts, is that Trump risk abrogating the proud history of the GOP with his antics. That though, appears to be of no concern to his supporters, as his arguments appeal to the disgruntled Republican voters. Would he represent the GOP in the next general election? Well if he does win either the Iowa Caucus on February 1 or the New Hampshire primary on February 9, he could keep up his momentum, and riding on the waves of his media headline, do so.

          It definitely would be a new chapter in both the GOP and the US history, if he goes on to win both the primary and the general elections.


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