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          Never have I felt this unabated and unyielding desire to discuss an issue becoming so prevalent in our society today. Just a forewarning though, I do not intend to extenuate my views on this, so ride along if you may. What stimulated the most compelling eagerness within me to write about this, was a TV show on Channel 5 (UK) a while back, called Transgender kids; and this was intended to be my first ever article, but decided against it due to Trump’s ludicrous conducts. The show portrayed the life of kids who, despite their infant age and miniscule knowledge, decided they didn’t like their natural gender and wanted to change over to the opposite sex, with the parents acknowledging their acquiescence.

          Transgenderism has been a social affair for years now and with its rise, there’s been a concomitant despondency within this movement. I will unequivocally state that this so-called gender dysphoria is something that can never be fully comprehended; for those fully fledged grown adults that do switch, despite my disparity on that, good on them, I suppose at maturity, they fully understand the consequences of their decisions. If you’re reading and still don’t understand, a transgender is someone who isn’t happy with their gender and seek hormones therapy or surgery to change their gender to the opposite sex.

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          So far, from the comprehensive research I’ve been able to collect, there are variety of reasons a child would feel this way.

  • Hormones or chemical imbalances: this is what the “transgender for” argument is based on. Apparently this imbalances causes the wrong hormones to be expressed by the mother prenatally, and as such, there are some possible variations that could cause a mismatch between the child’s gender identity and biological sex. This is a reason why most individuals who identify as transgender are given hormonal treatments to, in some way try to enforce hormones of the opposite sex within them. Firstly, there’s been absolutely no genuine and extensive independent medical research done to proof that hormone imbalances is a cause of that. Dr Berger a renowned Toronto psychiatrist once said “cosmetic surgery”, or hormonal treatment, “…will not change the chromosomes of a human being, in that, it will not make a man become a woman who is capable of menstruating…”

          Onto my second and perhaps most convincing reason for this infatuation is this:

          Environmental Influence: this is where I derive my opposition to this Transgenderism movement, most specially when its promoted with kids. Stay with me on this. As my years perpetually increase, I’ve gathered from experience, that the most likely factor in what shapes and moulds us into what we want to be and who we are, comes from our environment, those around us and how we interact with it.

          Our humanistic nature makes it that we are not immune to suggestions and remarks about ourselves; consciously and subconsciously, the influence of the present environment on our psychic is immensely powerful and profound. Most susceptible to suggestions are kids, who as we all know, copy what they see or hear. Within my nostalgic childhood memories, I remember going through this so-called termed  “Transgender phase”, rummaging through my mom’s personal items, I tried imitating her, as we all do as young kids (sorry dad); all this were as a result of my feeble mind and playful thoughts. So what’s the difference between my past and this new age transgender kids? My parents. Never once did my mom or dad went “awww he loves mommy’s make up, he must be a girl in a boys’ body”, dress him up in girl’s clothing to reaffirm his feeble mindless thoughts that he’s in the wrong body. At the conclusion of the “transgender kids” programme, I wondered to myself, what on earth would a 3, 4 or 5 year old know about being born into the wrong body, if the parents don’t condone and encourage such.

          A child tells his parents, “oh mum, dad, I don’t want to be Liam anymore, I now want to be Lucy,” playing along with it once is fine, twice is fun, third time-well that’s reaching the limit; but when it goes onwards from there, what does that do? It imprints on that child the false impression of gender dysphoria.

          Society has made it such an acceptable phenomenon, it’s promotion is now rife. Take Bruce Jenner for an example, do I feel for him? I suppose so, anybody who lives their whole life with the Kardashians could possibly forget their identity, in all seriousness, that makes an absolute mockery of the so-called biological imbalance or hormonal changes, how can you live 64 years if your life and then decide, “oh you know what! I no longer want to live as a man, but as a woman, because I’ll feel happy doing such,” really?.

          I implore you all to check out Walt Heyer, who switched to a transgender woman, but reverted back to male, he exhibits perspicacious claims and remarks, he claimed his gender confusion was caused by his environment and family relationships. One of his quote was “gender dysphoria is a psychological condition where you are dissatisfied with your gender… nobody’s ever born a transgender… in retrospect, I can see that changing gender quite frankly is pure foolishness.

          My deduction from all this is simple, how can a child of an age who can’t even make its mind up about wanting a bread toast or a crunchy flakes, understand the consequences of Transgenderism. According to a Williams Institute data, more than 40% of transgender youth will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday and that’s sad. The pro-transgender out there,  will probably say, it’s because of the discrimination they face, my retort  to that is, if it wasn’t encouraged at an early age, it wouldn’t get to that; now let me categorically state that in no way do I condone discrimination of any kind, and if anybody is found to be guilty of such against someone else, the concomitant punishment according to the law should be fully applied.

          It’s all to do with social emotions and acceptance, parents with absolutely no clue, makes uninformed conclusions about it; “we really knew she was a boy”, asinine statements like that creep up as flimsy excuses. Parents who condone their kids doing such, are rewarded as amazing and accepting, while the opposite are “lacking in affection” or “old-fashioned” et al.

          In denouement, it’s unnatural and immoral. STOP THE PROMOTION!!!



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  1. John supports your second point on the environmental influence. Individuals are shaped by the environment they evolve in and thus contribute to the “creation ” of the personal of each individual
    The book isn’t related on transgenderism (is that even a word? lol) but yes there is nor such a thing I believe as being born this way.
    In emocracy and Education (1916), John Dewey defines the aims and purpose of Education in an individual’s life as follow:
    Dewey states that Education is a “Necessity of Life”. According to the author, the renewal of life is only possible by transmission thus the pivotal role of Education in one’s life. Society exists only by transmission and communication from an individual to another and there is a necessity of teaching and learning “for the continued existence of a society”. Secondly, he attributes to the latter a “Social Function”, it shapes the environment in which an individual lives and contribute to either the stimulation or hindrance of a living being. Thirdly, he attributes to Education the purpose of directing an individual’s life.
    Lastly, Education’s aim is seen as “Growth”- the developing stage of an individual from immature to mature so they can have an impact on the environment in which they live. However, nowadays the issue is that the educative system teaches a different model of family values and teaches children from the youngest age to embrace who they think they are. I believe it is vital for parents (closest environment of the child) to teach their children in which ways they should go and as they grow older let them make their own choices in life. But to conclude , society and especially Education play a key role in who an individual become.

    1. Transgenderism might not be a real word, but it just fit as a movement, doesn’t it? with the “ism” lol. You are unreservedly faultless with that assessment. Education on its pretext is a tool meant for the betterment of the society; teach what is right, accurate and profound on our society. But instead like you alluded to, its now being used to promote individualistic false pretense I.e transgenderism. The paradox of the system is a bitter pill to swallow sometimes. The educational system definitely play a key role in this, but pivotally it’s all down to the closest environment, the parents.
      Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it.👍🏿
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