The thing about abortion is…

     A delicate subject requires a prudent and judicious perspective. My stance, unyielding and uncompromisingly but yet cognizant of the melancholy that grips the women who have been through this. Therefore I will take great pain in not offending anyone. I understand that because I’m a man, my view might been seen as irrelevant and maybe unsympathetic, this could flare up emotions; but understand this, I’m not pointing fingers or damning those who have committed such, and are remorseful. We are wll sinners and forgiveness is right at the feet of the cross.

     This termination of pregnancy, according to the WHO occurs an estimated 40-50 million times per year, 125,000 per day. Several rationale have been prescribed to vindicate the actions of the perhaps vulnerable and non-vulnerable women. Let’s remember that there two imperative lives at stake in any abortion case, the mum’s and the child’s.

     The two principle worldwide notions within this, are the: Pro-choice (those in favour of respecting the woman’s decision to abort); and the pro-life (those opposed to abortion). The rationalities for the pro-choice I believe, are ultimately derived from the varied genesis of impregnation and it’s preceding ramifications. For instance:

  • in a case of rape
  • incest
  • physical life of mum
  • mental health of mum
  • economic reasons
  • career decision.

     Foremost, to clarify a  fundamental and crucial motif, life does begin at conception and intercourse, it’s been  scientifically proven. Life is generally distinguished from non-life by metabolism and growth. As such a foetus is alive. It characteristics are that of living things: highly organised, ability to acquire materials and energy, ultimate ability to adapt to it’s environment. As the years roll on, there’s been a gradual shift, with an ever growing hardcore belief, that the embryo is only given the value of a human when the fertilised egg becomes human-like.

     The efflorescent theme for a pro-choice enthusiast, is when value is actually given to that embryos life and whose rights should be respected first. The pro-choice argue that in the case of a rape, a crime has been committed against the woman, so she has every right to an abortion, now I wouldn’t dare comprehend the trauma, that rape victims endure, it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. In that scenario, couldn’t the child be put up for adoption perhaps? if the mum don’t want to bare the scar and a reminder of the traumatic past. Such was the case with Lee Ezell, who bore her daughter through rape and placed her on adoption; 20 years down the line, they eventually reunited, with her daughter Julia Makima thanking her profusely for protecting her life, despite the distress.

     Another pro-choice view is that, personhood (the state or fact of being a human being), is just a religious belief and not biologically proven. If its been scientifically proven that life begins at conception, then the notion that personhood is just a religious belief and that murdering a fetus isn’t a problem cause no value of a human being has been given to it, is a case of morality and it’s justification is akin to that of just squashing a fly. It’s a life and it’s being murdered in silence.

     The “right to life” proposition of the Pro-life expounder, has always been refuted extensively by the pro-choice advocates; that the “right to life” doesn’t imply a right to use someone else’s body to survive, or that a right threatening someone else’s life (the mom) be rescinded, with the principal life (the mom) be extended the carte blanche of aborting the child. Though not a medical connoisseur, I’m, in my humble opinion certain that a caesarian would suffice.

     Irrespective of  whichever side you sway towards, abortion is a case of morality and relies on our individualistic principles. There’s a tremendous risk to both the child and it’s mom. Take Gianna Jessen for instance a compelling case of a botch abortion. She was born in 1977 after surviving an abortion, as a result she has cerebral palsy. Running marathons and traveling around the world, she campaigns against it. She’s a living breathing face to the horrors of abortion. One of the rare survivors of abortion, she relays her story via Then there are those who abort a kid, just for the sake of their career, without any remorse a pitiful excuse (career) is given.

     I sympathise most specially with those who are relieving their trauma, victim of rape and such, I can never fathom the pain, physical and mental. There should be no admonishment for those who have gone through that, but rather be introduce to supports that they require. As a Christian, any woman who have been through that in the past, but have seeked forgiveness from the cross, should understand that the guilty and shame of that weight, is the reason why Jesus Christ came into the world and shed his blood. Hebrews 8:12, “for I will be merciful to their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more.” If you’ve had an abortion, it doesn’t mean you hate babies or lives and definitely shouldn’t be stigmatised by people.

     We are all sinners and were condemned under the law, but the grace of Christ abounds in all areas. 1 Peter 2:24, Jesus paid and bore all our sins on the cross.




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