Wisdom in Faithful Obedience

     Hello folks, this is a recap of my Sunday with the lessons learnt. It would be succinct, not as lengthy as the previous articles. A different and perhaps contentious article would be published on Wednesday/Thursday. Stay in touch.

     Faithfulness is the commitment to a duty or obligation, with a long-continued steadfastness, irrespective of the challenging scenes (good or bad). Faithful Obedience as a christian is relying, believing and trusting on God, within the depths of our trials and tribulations; withstanding the urge to quit when at our lowest ebb. At our lowest is when temptations come our way, to distract us from the promise if God. A parallel drawn from the bible to most christians today, is that of the Israelites, who turned against God at some point during the years at the wilderness, despite the provision if manna and the pillars of fire, to name a few.

     Faithful Obedience is also required in the ministry of the church, carrying our the Lord’s work. This though, shouldn’t equate to following blinding contrary beliefs of any leadership towards the word of God, which we all know is never changing. Obedient, meditating to the word of God and fearing him is the foundation of wisdom (Psalm 111:10). Abiding within the parameters of his words, promises and works gives us a clearer picture of His will and purpose for our own lives.

     Immediate response is what is required of us when it comes to faithfulness in the ministry of Christ, e.g. spreading the good news, giving et Al. It’s human nature that we sometimes delay and procrastinate, but what that does, is that, it quells the initial conviction and fire that was ignited.

     This all ought to be sustained through fervent prayer, commitment and keeping his commandments, Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Ultimately the aim of the ministry is to implement selflessly the service of the Lord, whilst reverencing and appreciating the ethos of His word.


     I’ll reiterate again, a different genre of article would be published on Wednesday/Thursday.






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